The employment and labor law team has experience in advisory, litigation, and union relations. It combines business expertise and legal technique to assist clients in the most diverse segments of the economy, providing quick and accurate answers for strategic decision-making. The team also works on complex and multidisciplinary issues, such as hiring professionals, wage structure, drafting and reviewing internal policies, the work environment, data protection, and labor compliance, serving as a guide to the identification and implementation of opportunities arisen from recent legislative reforms. The detailed knowledge of each client, the human infrastructure, and technology in the management of processes alongside the qualification of the professionals connected to this practice allow the team to conduct legal and administrative matters safely and efficiently, as well with remarkable recognition before all Judiciary bodies, including the Superior Labor Court.

Practice Areas

Employment and Labor Advisory

Hiring professionals and wages structures

Incentive plans and internal policies

Labor audit for corporate operations (due diligence)

Employment and Labor compliance

Collective contract terminations

Collective bargaining

Judicial Litigation

Defense in class actions filed by the Public Labor Prosecution Office

Action before Trial Labor Courts and Appeal Labor Courts

Defense or filing of motions in legal and economic issues as well as strike matters

Direct action before the Superior Labor Court and the Supreme Court

Administrative Litigation

Defense of infraction notices issued by the labor inspection authorities

Defense before investigative procedures and civil investigations initiated by the Labor Prosecution Office