Torreão Braz Advogados seeks to provide tranquility and security to its clients by offering legal solutions that contribute to the development and success of its partners.

Transparency, efficiency, technical mastery and proactivity are part of the DNA of the entire Torreão Braz Advogados team. The satisfaction and the positive feedback of cases attended by the firm translate into professional fulfillment of each one of the its collaborators.

Providing an excellent organizational climate, quality of life and valuing teamwork are objectives of the firm that reflect in the service and results obtained.

About us

Torreão Braz Advogados was founded in 1991 by Antônio Torreão Braz Filho, partner and current member of the Consultative Council. Since then, the firm has been working to defend the interests of its clients, with three main practice areas: Public and Administrative Law, Enforcement of Judgments against the Public Administration and Corporate Law.

The firm is a pioneer in filing and monitoring class actions and providing services to unions and associations that represent civil servants in contentious and advisory advocacy.

Given the constant interaction between the public and the private sectors in the Brazilian business environment, we also provide counsel to companies in search for a better performance in their business activities.

The firm values the constant development of its professionals and the specialization of the team, which now has 71 members. In addition, we offer learning opportunities to law students who take part on our internship programs.

Our offices in Brasília and in São Paulo make it possible to act dynamically, enabling ready access to the different spheres of power that are in the capital and to the main financial center of the country.