Law firm Torreão Braz Advogados was founded in 1991 by partner Antônio Torreão Braz Filho, amidst a relevant legal moment marked by the promulgation of the Federal Constitution of Brazil of 1988, which significantly expanded the guarantees and instruments necessary for the defense of both individual and collective rights.

In this scenario, Torreão Braz Advogados was a pioneer in the judicial and extrajudicial defense of multi-subjective interests and rights, by working in the lawyering of class actions aimed at protecting civil servants as well as individuals and legal entities, including economic agents, in the various interfaces and relationships with the Government.

Headquartered in Brasília, and with a branch in São Paulo, the office has a strategic location and adequate installations to serve clients from all regions of the country.

The firm has a multidisciplinary team prepared to guide and advise clients from all sectors and defend their interests in the judicial and nonjudicial spheres.

Advisory takes place in different projects and demands, according to the field of activity and the needs of each client.

The firm’s objective is to guarantee a service experience that translates into the tranquility and comfort brought by a full-service provider.


The areas below are examples of some of the additional branches of our specialized legal work:

  • Environmental law.
  • Digital law.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Economic and competition law.
  • Medical law.
  • Banking law.
  • Brands and patents.
  • Due diligence.
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).
  • Energy law.

The firm has a specialized area that comprises consultancy and legal advice on demands related to Data Protection and Privacy Governance, especially regarding risk analysis of situations involving the processing of personal data.

It also covers the lawyering of administrative and judicial claims on issues related to personal data safety.


  • Drafting impact reports on the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and other laws containing provisions on privacy and data protection, to clarify the regulatory risks in the various business models.
  • Analysis and issuance of opinions on the bills in progress before the Legislative Houses, to evaluate the scope of the legislative texts for several players and, in particular, economic agents.
  • Drafting consultations and opinions on possible gaps or the effective application of the Federal Act n. 13,709/2018 before the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD).
  • Litigation in judicial and administrative claims associated with the protection of privacy and the treatment of personal data, including demands processed within the ANPD.
  • Drafting terms of use, privacy policies, and other legal instruments involving the LGPD.
  • Legal advisory for ongoing projects to comply with the General Data Protection Law, including drafting opinions and technical notes.

Law firm Torreão Braz Advogados operates in the tax field to generate value for its clients, supported by two pillars.

The first pillar derives from representing and counseling business companies and private entities, and it encompasses the strategic planning of business and corporate operations and transactions, as well as structuring projects designed to optimize their results and their interaction with the tax authorities.

The second pillar is driven by its consolidated performance in defending the interests of civil servants before the Government, therefore encompasses the legal-tax relations of individuals with the local and federal tax authorities, whether arising from other credits received by the taxpayer and/or those related to family estate planning with inheritance benefits.


  • Specific tax planning to the taxpayer’s business activity.
  • Tax mapping for business partnerships, joint ventures, and related projects.
  • Structuring investments.
  • Structuring inheritance property holding and trusts.
  • Identification of credits eligible for a tax offset.
  • Interaction with tax authorities to offset tax liabilities.
  • Drafting technical opinions and risk assessments.
  • Tax advisory for the financial and capital markets.
  • Analysis of bills and legislative changes.
  • Client representing before the Superior Courts.
  • Writs of Mandamus.
  • Claims for the annulment of tax liability.
  • Claims for payment of disputed taxes before the court.
  • Declaratory judgment claims on the non-existence of legal-tax relationship.
  • Claims of undue tax payment and damages.
  • Enforcement of judicial decisions.

The firm has a specialized department that covers the most diverse regulated industries and offers legal and strategic support as necessary for the development of economic activities in areas in which the rules, policies, and positions of regulatory agencies play a decisive role.

Considering the complexities and particularities of each industry, the department offers consultancy that permeates the modeling of projects, and follow-up thereof. It answers and clarifies specific legal doubts and issues opinions to unravel the complex matters regarding the operations within regulated industries.

It also works in the direct defense of interests before regulatory agencies, by achieving effective results and creating a permanent relationship between the public and private sectors and, whenever appropriate and necessary, before the Judiciary.

Regarding social security matters, the law firm works in the judicial and administrative spheres before the bodies and entities that administer the Proper Social Security Regimes of the Federal, State, Municipal, and Federal District Governments, as well as the Federal Social Security Regime, especially in strategic litigation of collective claims and in the joinder of parties.

In terms of advisory, Torreão Braz Advogados aims to guide and assist the social security planning of beneficiaries as well as the fulfillment of obligations by workers, individuals, and legal entities.

As it is a branch of law with a direct impact on other areas, such as administrative, civil, and labor law, the firm’s team is trained and specialized in multidisciplinary legal fields, hence, meeting the best expectations and needs of both individuals and legal entities.

The firm has an area specialized in this segment and provides its clients with customized solutions and complete and integrated advisory in both the consultation and litigation areas for the various types of business and demands involving real estate law.


  • Action for damages regarding state intervention in private property.
  • Expropriations.
  • Possessory claims in general.
  • Legal advice on real estate projects.
  • Legal advice on public or private negotiations and biddings.
  • Condominium law.
  • Consultancy on real estate developments.
  • Drafting and reviewing real estate contracts and agreements.
  • Consultancy and litigation work regarding rural property claims.
  • Real estate regularization and registration.
  • Subdivision of land.

The firm extensively advises companies and their partners or members from business structuring, including the preparation of organizational documents, to the performance of complex transactions.

Within the advisory scope, the law firm aims to improve business decisions by mitigating risks and improving the results desired by organizations.

Within the litigation area, it works to defend the rights and interests of companies in disputes of various natures, including corporate, contractual, indemnity, labor, tax, and regulatory claims.

In addition to the judicial system, Torreão Braz Advogados also has expertise in mediation and arbitration procedures.

The firm also advises clients on their investments, through the analysis of receivables for the acquisition or assignment of registered warrants or government IOUs (Court ordered debt securities known as Brazilian “precatórios”) and other judicial assets.


  • Legal advice in negotiations.
  • Corporate finances and capital structuring.
  • Drafting of typical and atypical contracts and agreements.
  • Corporate, labor, tax, and regulatory consultancy.
  • Structuring business models for administrative contracts.
  • Service to state-owned companies in various sectors of the economy.
  • Representation in administrative procedures within regulatory agencies.
  • Drafting and reviewing concession, permission, assignments, service provision, and supply agreements, among others.
  • Filing and monitoring lawsuits related to corporate contracts, indemnity, labor, tax, and regulatory claims.
  • Risk analysis and monitoring of strategic claims before the Higher Courts.
  • Filing claims, opinions, and analysis related to bankruptcy cases (Chapter 7) and court-supervised reorganization of assets (Chapter 11).
  • Representation in mediation and arbitration procedures.
  • Analysis of receivables for the acquisition or assignment of registered warrants or government IOUs (Court ordered debt securities known as Brazilian “precatórios”) and other judicial assets.

The firm has a specialized area, made up of a multidisciplinary team, which offers individual and humane solutions related to various issues in probate and family law, within the advisory and litigation, judicial and nonjudicial spheres, including conducting mediation and conciliation of family conflicts.


  • Family planning (marriage, property regime, and prenuptial agreement).
  • Recognition and dissolution of common law marriages (steady union).
  • Analysis and formulation of typical and atypical contracts in family law.
  • Divorce (either consensual or conflicted).
  • Family support and alimony (including pregnancy, concession, review, release, and enforcement).
  • Custody and regulation of visitation rights.
  • Parentage (adoption, paternity investigation).
  • Interdiction.
  • Inheritance planning (will, donation, family trust).
  • Probate proceedings and distribution (nonjudicial and judicial).
  • Eligibility of heirs in legal proceedings.
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