Collective Rights

Torreão Braz Advogados is composed by lawyers specialized in administrative law, particularly in defending rights of civil servants. In this area, represents several professional entities - trade unions and associations - in contentious and advisory advocacy.

With regard to litigation, we prosecute class actions and injunctions aimed to protect both homogeneous individual and collective rights of servants. Besides ordinary claims, constitutional actions – such as Collective Writ of Mandamus, Court Injunction, Direct Unconstitutionality Action, Complaints, Request for Non-Compliance of Basic Principle, among others - are effective proceedings managed against irregularities committed by the public power.

Concerning the legal advisory activity, the firm provides assistance to trade unions and associations boards. We analyze the constitutive acts of clients, issue opinions, crafts and administrative requests that support the performance of the entity before state bodies.


  • Director: Larissa Benevides Gadelha Campos
    • Ana Torreão Braz Lucas de Morais
    • Bruno Fischgold
    • Déborah de Andrade Cunha e Toni
    • João Pereira Monteiro Neto
    • Júlia Mezzomo de Souza
    • Paulo Vitor Liporaci Giani Barbosa
    • Susana Botár Mendonça

Corporate Law

The firm provides legal advice and represents entrepreneurs in judicial proceedings dealing demands that arise from their activities. The notorious expertise in administrative law also allows a performance aimed to business relations established with the Government, either in partnerships between the public and the private spheres; in direct contracts with Government entities or in others economic interaction with the public sector.

Among the services provided, it is included: preparation/review of corporate documents and contracts; legal assistance in different areas of law, such as administrative, labor, civil, commercial and corporate law; legal advice in bidding procedures; renew discussions of administrative contracts seeking for example the restoration of economic and financial balance.

Besides the straight fields of business activity, the firm seeks to meet demands arising from new legal realities of the dynamic contemporary business, catering to the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs focused on innovation through expert advice since the incubation stage of the project.


  • Director: Luis Gustavo Freitas da Silva
    • Ana Maria Vaz de Oliveira
    • Artur de Sousa Carrijo
    • Bárbara de Andrade Cunha e Toni
    • Júlia Pauro Oliveira
    • Luciano Ribeiro Reis Barros

Individual Demands in Administrative Law

Torreão Braz Advogados counts with experienced professionals in the defense of servants before the Public Administration since taking the office until retirement.

The firm is focused in public tenders, leaves, removals, office framing, performance-based payment system, and pensions. Noteworthy is also the advisory activity and the issue of opinions that guide the servants throughout their professional journey.

The exercise by civil servants of their rights and duties assured by the Constitution and the very laws that govern them attracts the need for information, planning and protection of interests throughout their complex and multifaceted career.


  • Director: Gabriela Gonçalves Teixeira C. Rocha
    • Ana Sylvia da Fonseca Pinto Coelho
    • Artur de Sousa Carrijo
    • Luiza Emrich Torreão Braz
    • Thalyssa Pereira Ribeiro do Amaral
    • Thiago Linhares de Moraes Bastos

Judicial Enforcement

The firm is dedicated to effect rights recognized in class actions by the actual payment of the amount owed by each beneficiary. We search innovative solutions for filing and conducting individual and collective enforcement proceedings, which involves the settlement and the calculation of credits, as well as the organization of individual measures to a large number of people.

The team includes professionals with experience in enforcement proceedings of legal papers and with technical expertise on routines involving the individualization of collective rights, such as identifying beneficiaries; receiving, sorting and organizing documents required to the procedure; calculating the due amount; filing and monitoring dismembered proceedings (digital management of large-scaled claims); releasing all the useful information to the entity and to affiliated; among others.

From the mastery of these organizational skills, the activity is extended to all types of enforcement - collective and individual, with emphasis on claims against the Treasury - and to others procedures in large scale for the defense of collective interests and legal assistance to multiple prospects.


  • Director: Marcelo Assunção
    • Camila Tiburtino de Sena Fischgold
    • Denny Elder Peixoto
    • Edilene Rossi Lacerda
    • Laura Carneiro de Mello Senra
    • Mariana Fernandes
    • Priscilla Brazil Moreira Freitas
    • Renan Palhares Torreão Braz