Founded in 1991 by the partnet Antônio Torreão Braz Filho, current member of the Advisory Board, Torreão Braz Advogados follows administrative reforms that occur in Brazilian state and bases your acting on the interests of administered before the Public Administration.

A pioneer in the management of class actions, the firm servers entities that represent public servants - trade unions and associations - in contentious and advisory advocacy. In demands of individual nature, the firm seeks to protect the interests of the servant at all stages of the functional life, even before becoming effective in the office.

Aware of the ostensible interaction between the public and the private spheres in the Brazilian business environment, as evident in the innovation segment, Torreão Braz Advogados seeks to assure legal security to relations established by companies with government in order to enable the best performance of business activities.

Torreão Braz Advogados offers full availability of the team to deliver solid and responsive legal solution.



We act bounded to truth, transparency and ethics.
We devote the necessary energy to meet the expectations and interests of our clients and employees.
We put ourselves in the perspective of the other, seeking to extract and make possible the dreams and personal projects of our clients and employees.
We achieve our goals and the goals our clients through teamwork.
We commit ourselves to be reference in quality and results in fields we operate.


Be the law firm with the highest satisfaction rate of our clients, grown sustainably and be recognized as the best law firm to work for.


Provide peace and security to the client by agile, transparent and committed to justice performance.