The firm covers different branches of civil law, including personality rights, obligations, contracts, possession and property rights, interests, civil liability, probate, and family law, among others broad subjects, as well as specific topics of private law, such as real estate, intellectual property, digital rights, among others.

This area covers a wide range of advisory and litigation activities and meets varied expectations and needs brought by individuals and legal entities.


  • Punitive actions for the fulfillment of contractual and non-contractual obligations.
  • Action for damages of a property nature (pecuniary damage) and non-property damage (pain and suffering).
  • Actions relating to personality rights.
  • Actions relating to property law (property, public registration, constitution and termination of security interests, possessory actions, etc.).
  • Analysis and preparation of typical and atypical contracts, involving both individuals and legal entities.
  • Legal advice in negotiations.
  • Strategic work and follow-up of cases before the higher courts.
  • Strategic advisory and litigation in consumer protection law.
  • Consultancy for the acquisition of litigious assets.
  • Defendant representation and strategic consultancy for civil actions in general.
  • Drafting opinions.
  • Structuring litigation prevention processes in the development of the economic activity.
  • Enforcement of judicial decisions and nonjudicial arrangements.
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