In the contentious advocacy, the Administrative Law team files lawsuits that aim at the protection of the most diverse aspects related to the life and functional trajectory of civil servants.

In the advisory advocacy, we provide broad legal advice to the boards of unions and associations, from the setting up of those collective entities to the formulation of strategies that improve the performance of those entities in their relationship with private agents and with the Public Administration.

The team consistently studies and develops relevant legal thesis that have a direct impact on public agents, either individually and/or collectively – and an indirect impact on society.

Through a proactive stance, we seek to guarantee not just the correct and coherent application of the legislation. We also act in an innovative way to find solutions to address the challenges faced by public employees and by their representative entities in the increasingly complex social, political and economic context.


  • Filing class actions
  • Filing ordinary and constitutional actions before the Supreme Court
  • Advice to the boards of unions and associations
  • Drafting opinions and administrative requirements for collective entities
  • Defense of the civil servants, from the investiture in office until the retirement