The firm has an area specialized and dedicated to procedures related to the fulfillment of obligations (enforcement phase) established in class actions of trade associations and unions.

The advisory and litigation activities in this area aim at the fulfillment of judicial rulings in favor of associates and affiliates throughout the Brazilian territory, from the stage prior to the enforcement of judicial rulings to the effective availability of credits through government IOUs (Court ordered debt securities known as Brazilian “precatórios”) or Small Amount Requests (RPVs).


  • Analysis and sorting of documents for the preparation of judicial calculations.
  • Enforcement lawsuit filing for thousands of beneficiaries of class actions before the various Brazilian courts.
  • Preparation of statements and defenses in favor of beneficiaries of collective rulings.
  • Provision of individualized consultancy and services.
  • Work with the Office of the General Counsel for the Federal Government and the Federal Attorney Offices for structuring and closing judicial and nonjudicial settlements.
  • Preparation of opinions and technical notes on the positioning of the Higher Courts on matters connected to ongoing enforcement procedures.
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