Creating a specialized practice dedicated to the enforcement of collective judgments against the Public Administration emerged as a response to the legal challenges that arise in connection with the applicable law, as well as to the logistical challenges that are inherent to large collective lawsuits.

The lawyers combine a knowledge about the legal regime of civil servants with the vast experience in the enforcement of collective judgments against the Public Administration.

We also count on the support of professionals who collaborate on data and document management. This internal organization allows us to defend collective interests and provide legal assistance to a large number of stakeholders.


  • Enforcement of judgments handed down in class actions filed by unions and associations against the Public Administration
  • Monitoring administrative proceedings established for the implementation of civil servants’ functional benefits
  • Promotion of alternative dispute resolution methods (e.g. settlement) with the Public Administration to abbreviate the implementation of rights recognized in class actions
  • Technical expertise in judgment estimating