The firm has a specialized area, made up of a multidisciplinary team, which offers individual and humane solutions related to various issues in probate and family law, within the advisory and litigation, judicial and nonjudicial spheres, including conducting mediation and conciliation of family conflicts.


  • Family planning (marriage, property regime, and prenuptial agreement).
  • Recognition and dissolution of common law marriages (steady union).
  • Analysis and formulation of typical and atypical contracts in family law.
  • Divorce (either consensual or conflicted).
  • Family support and alimony (including pregnancy, concession, review, release, and enforcement).
  • Custody and regulation of visitation rights.
  • Parentage (adoption, paternity investigation).
  • Interdiction.
  • Inheritance planning (will, donation, family trust).
  • Probate proceedings and distribution (nonjudicial and judicial).
  • Eligibility of heirs in legal proceedings.
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