Law firm Torreão Braz Advogados operates in the tax field to generate value for its clients, supported by two pillars.

The first pillar derives from representing and counseling business companies and private entities, and it encompasses the strategic planning of business and corporate operations and transactions, as well as structuring projects designed to optimize their results and their interaction with the tax authorities.

The second pillar is driven by its consolidated performance in defending the interests of civil servants before the Government, therefore encompasses the legal-tax relations of individuals with the local and federal tax authorities, whether arising from other credits received by the taxpayer and/or those related to family estate planning with inheritance benefits.


  • Specific tax planning to the taxpayer’s business activity.
  • Tax mapping for business partnerships, joint ventures, and related projects.
  • Structuring investments.
  • Structuring inheritance property holding and trusts.
  • Identification of credits eligible for a tax offset.
  • Interaction with tax authorities to offset tax liabilities.
  • Drafting technical opinions and risk assessments.
  • Tax advisory for the financial and capital markets.
  • Analysis of bills and legislative changes.
  • Client representing before the Superior Courts.
  • Writs of Mandamus.
  • Claims for the annulment of tax liability.
  • Claims for payment of disputed taxes before the court.
  • Declaratory judgment claims on the non-existence of legal-tax relationship.
  • Claims of undue tax payment and damages.
  • Enforcement of judicial decisions.
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